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Villa Boscana

luxury villa in Palma, Spain with glass walled infinity pool

Luxury Villa With Glass Swimming Pool and Oversized Glazing This private villa in Son Vida is located on the outskirts of Palma, in a residential area that boasts outstanding views of the nearby coast and lush greenery. The brief was…

Rockstar Villa

Slim framed sliding doors in Mallorca luxury villa

Slim Framed Sliding Doors in a Mallorca Luxury Villa This impressive villa was inspired by a bird perching on the edge of a cliff, following the shape without disrupting the beautiful surrounding area of Mallorca. Due to the location of…

Luxury Villa Marbella

contemporary Spanish luxury villa will sliding glass walls

Entire Moving Glass Walls Form a Stunning Glass Façade for Luxury Holiday Villa This incredible villa in the heart of Marbella, Spain featured floor-to-ceiling glass façade designs on two of the four elevations. The two-story villa uses pale concrete and…