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The Ultimate Guide to Hurricane Resistant Glazing

All you need to know about Hurricane Resistant Glazing In locations where hurricane storms are a seasonal occurrence, hurricane resistant glazing is essential to the overall performance of a structure and therefore mandated by local building regulations and safety codes all over the world. This guide will explain what can

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Specifying Glazing in the Alps

What to consider when designing a mountain home Spanning across eight countries, the Alps are the most densely populated mountain area in the world. Known for their stunning natural landscapes, architecture in this region tends to rightfully seek a symbiotic relationship with the mountain range and its valleys, while providing

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Solar Glass | Colour vs. Functionality 

How to Balance Solar Glass Colour with Performance Solar Glass, or Solar Control Glass, refers to techniques and products used to manage the effects of solar glare and solar gain, such as shading devices or reflective coatings on windows. Solar Control Glass reduces the amount of sunlight entering a building while

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Bespoke Glazing FAQ’s For IQ International

Bespoke glazing FAQ’s | IQ International  At IQ International we are frequently asked several questions when being contacted or researched by architects or clients who are looking for the highest quality glazing to be specified for an international project. We have paid close attention to our bespoke glazing FAQ’s and

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Specifying Architectural Glazing Systems

What to Consider When Specifying Architectural Glazing Systems When specifying architectural glazing systems, architects must consider various factors. They must make sure that all building rules and regulations, such as those regulating energy efficiency and safety, are followed. It is necessary to address functional requirements like exposure to sunlight, heat

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The Types of Privacy Glass for International Projects

Privacy glass. What is it, how does it work and what types of privacy glass are there?  Privacy Glass, commonly referred to as smart glass or switchable glass, is a cutting-edge technology that allows for precise control over the transparency of glass panels. It offers privacy and flexibility in various

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Glazing Thermal Performance Values  

A guide to the thermal performance of architectural glazing  Architectural glazing is essential for a building’s thermal performance and energy efficiency. Understanding the thermal characteristics of windows is crucial for architects, builders, and homeowners alike as the need for sustainable and energy-efficient solutions rises. In this detailed guide, we’ll explore

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What type of glass is hurricane proof?

What is Hurricane Resistant Glass and How Does it Work? In areas where hurricanes are prone, you will often have to install hurricane resistant doors as part of the architectural design. Areas like Miami Dade detail stringent rules that hurricane doors and windows have to comply to. Hurricane resistant doors

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