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The Ultimate Guide to Glass Bridges

Suspended between two towering structures, structural glass bridges, or skybridges, provide panoramic views of urban landscapes by connecting two separate builds while often creating the illusion of walking on air…

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Solar Glass | Colour vs. Functionality 

How to Balance Solar Glass Colour with Performance Solar Glass, or Solar Control Glass, refers to techniques and products used to manage the effects of solar glare and solar gain, such as shading devices or reflective coatings on windows. Solar Control Glass reduces the amount of heat entering a building while

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What is Low Iron Glass?

What is Low Iron Glass and how does it compare to Clear Glass?    Low iron glass, commonly referred to as extra-clear or ultra-clear glass, is a form of glass with less iron than regular ‘clear glass’. In most varieties of glass, iron is a natural substance within the base materials

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St Lucia, Sugar Beach villa on the beachfront

Sugar Beach, St Lucia | The Story On Site 

Sugar Beach, St Lucia | The Story On Site  The Project   IQ Glass International were appointed to design and install a wide variety of the architectural glazing elements at the Sugar Beach hotel on the seafront of St Lucia. The project was to be a collection of private holiday villas

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