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Sliding glass doors make up a contemporary facade overlooking a swimming pool.

The Ultimate Guide to Sliding Glass Doors

An Overview of Sliding Glass Doors in Luxury Property Projects Enhancing architectural designs across various styles, sliding glass doors maximize natural light and frequently offer energy-efficient solutions to meet the needs of modern dwellers. In this in-depth guide, we’ll delve into the key considerations for selecting sliding glass door systems

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Sustainability and Island Design

The key to achieving genuinely sustainable designs lies in finding an equilibrium between meeting human comfort and safety needs in the face of the more extreme climate challenges that affect island regions.

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What is Low Iron Glass?

What is Low Iron Glass and how does it compare to Clear Glass?    Low iron glass, commonly referred to as extra-clear or ultra-clear glass, is a form of glass with less iron than regular ‘clear glass’. In most varieties of glass, iron is a natural substance within the base materials

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St Lucia, Sugar Beach villa on the beachfront

Sugar Beach, St Lucia | The Story On Site 

Sugar Beach, St Lucia | The Story On Site  The Project   IQ Glass International were appointed to design and install a wide variety of the architectural glazing elements at the Sugar Beach hotel on the seafront of St Lucia. The project was to be a collection of private holiday villas

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The Making of Gota Dam Residence – The Glazing  

An overview of how we completed this Architectural glazing in Africa. IQ were approached by Studio Seilern to provide the full architectural glazing package in Zimbabwe for their planned bespoke building. A key issue for the project was the access to site as well as local hyperinflation. Consideration was given

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Sliding door track with flush threshold and integrated drainage

How to Prevent Water Ingress on Sliding Doors

Water ingress refers to water infiltrating a property. Following sliding glass door installations, the homeowner may experience water sitting in the base track which may look like a cause for concern, however, there are many logical reasons why this may occur…

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