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bug screens for sliding doors

Bug Screens for Sliding Doors

Bug screen options for sliding doors. Bug screens for sliding doors are a great option for keeping all types of insects out while still allowing airflow in and out of the house. In extreme climates where bugs such as mosquitoes are common, bug screens can be highly useful. When specifying

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IQ Glass on Site in Ireland 

Our associate director Emma Greene received a warm welcome from over 20 guests and industry experts in Guernsey, where they exchanged invaluable insights into architectural glazing recommendations tailored for marine environments…

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IQ Glass in Barbados

As IQ have successfully completed multiple projects across Barbados and the Caribbean, our technical sales team visited Barbados from 16th October 2023 to 20th October 2023 to meet with select architects and developers to further our work in the area and foster new connections…

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Bespoke Glazing FAQ’s For IQ International

Bespoke glazing FAQ’s | IQ International  At IQ International we are frequently asked several questions when being contacted or researched by architects or clients who are looking for the highest quality glazing to be specified for an international project. We have paid close attention to our bespoke glazing FAQ’s and

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Glass Courtyards | Bring The Outside, Inside

Bring The Outside Inside With Glass Courtyards. Glass courtyards are a growing trend in architecture and we are seeing a tremendous growth in glass courtyards in international projects. Many glass courtyards are essentially frameless glass boxes that house some form of greenery such as a tree or an array of

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