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Sustainability and Island Design

The key to achieving genuinely sustainable designs lies in finding an equilibrium between meeting human comfort and safety needs in the face of the more extreme climate challenges that affect island regions.

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luxury beachfront villa design in Mallorca with aluminium sliding glass doors

What type of glass is hurricane proof?

What is Hurricane Resistant Glass and How Does it Work? In areas where hurricanes are prone, you will often have to install hurricane resistant doors as part of the architectural design. Areas like Miami Dade detail stringent rules that hurricane doors and windows have to comply to. Hurricane resistant doors

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specifying architectural glazing in the Caribbean

Specifying Architectural Glazing in the Caribbean

Bespoke glazing in the Caribbean often includes some type of solar control coatings due to the strong sun rays that many buildings are exposed to. This specialist glazing in the Caribbean is often specified as hurricane resistant glazing, especially when incorporating…

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