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Bug screen options for sliding doors.

Bug screens for sliding doors are a great option for keeping all types of insects out while still allowing airflow in and out of the house. In extreme climates where bugs such as mosquitoes are common, bug screens can be highly useful.

When specifying luxury slim sliding doors, you wouldn’t want to opt for a cheap, Velcro or stick-on bug screen option. Instead, we would recommend one of our built in, integrated bug screen options that are available with our minimal windows sliding doors.


KEL 4516
bug screens for sliding doors

Bug screens for sliding doors – Integrated roll option

The integrated roll system, which is completely integrated into the sliding door frame, is the earliest and most widely used bug screen alternative for sliding doors. About one metre long, this bug screen is hidden until the tiny lever is pulled. By pushing the bug screen away from the frame, you can manually adjust its length with this lever.

Additionally, this system is totally automatable.

We provide both bigger and smaller mesh sizes for our bug screens. This assists in stopping all kinds of bugs.


Bug screens for sliding doors – Sliding screen

A sliding mechanism installed entirely independently of the sliding doors, on its own track. This method makes opening widths broader and larger, but it also requires you to leave space in your floor finish for an additional sliding track.

For bigger sliding arrangements that need additional protection from flies and other insects, this option is ideal.

For people who are allergic to pollen, it’s vital to know that our bug screens also include a pollen mesh option. This option is available in both full transparency and ordinary black. Since the transparent alternative is practically imperceptible to the eye and could create breakages if little children or even adults run or walk into them, we strongly recommend the black screen!


Bug screens for sliding doors – Folding

The folding method is the last choice for bug screens. The fold bug screen option is quite similar to the roll bug screen option, but it places the screen inside a cassette that is concealed in your wall finish.

This option might eventually cause fold marks throughout the fly screen and cannot be automated. It is the best choice for projects with a more classical theme that wish to depart from the modern, clean aesthetic.

If you have any questions regarding our bug screen options, contact us here!