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specialist glazing showroom UK

Inside the UK’s Largest Glazing Showroom

The UK’s largest glazing showroom is located in Amersham, Buckinghamshire, conveniently close to London. After a complete renovation and redesign in recent years, the IQ showroom has become an immersive experience not to be missed. Carefully designed to…

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3D scan site survey in Monaco on expansive luxury home

3D Site Survey For Specialist Glazing in Monaco 

We recently flew our team to Monaco, where we are working on a bespoke glazing package for an exciting luxury home project, to conduct a digital site survey. The 3D scan survey allows us to survey all openings, as well as the surrounding are, to gather all the data we need…

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unique villa design with bespoke glazing

American vs European Glass Manufacturing 

In Europe, especially in the UK, there has been an increasing demand for high quality glass and glazing systems that achieve extremely low U values. This has pushed European glass manufacturers to meet the demand with new and innovative glazing processes and…

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oversized windows and doors for luxury Caribbean holiday resort with solar control glass

Solar Control Glazing for Warm Climates

Solar control glazing should always be considered when specifying specialist glazing for warm climates or for glazing which is exposed to a large amount of sunlight throughout the year. This technical glazing solution can be incorporated into many glazing…

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luxury beachfront villa design in Mallorca with specialist coastal glazing

Beachfront Glazing Specification

When designing a beachfront villa there are various specification considerations that must be thought of above and beyond those of a typical location. As marine environments the glass and the frame need to be able to withstand these harsher environments…

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Sliding door track with flush threshold and integrated drainage

How to Prevent Water Ingress on Sliding Doors

Water ingress refers to water infiltrating a property. Following sliding glass door installations, the homeowner may experience water sitting in the base track which may look like a cause for concern, however, there are many logical reasons why this may occur…

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international glazing for luxury villas

Why Specify IQ Glass for International Projects

When you specify IQ Glass for your glazing project, you don’t just benefit from the wide range of luxury glazing solutions on offer. Our exceptional service and project management skills go hand in hand with our award-winning products and systems. As the only…

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