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At IQ International we are frequently asked several questions when being contacted or researched by architects or clients who are looking for the highest quality glazing to be specified for an international project.

We have paid close attention to our bespoke glazing FAQ’s and have create an easy to navigate post to ensure that you can find the answer you need. If your question is not answered here, Contact us via the link at the bottom of this post.

What is the process when working with IQ Glass International?

At IQ International we offer a consultancy, design, manufacturing, delivery and installation service. Depending on the scope of work and what is more suited to the individual project, there are 3 options for our installation services. These include installation on site, IQ supervisor provided to manage works by a local team or supply only with installation instructions and guidance via email/call/video call.

This process allows for our clients to either take control of the project, or leave it in our hands to complete.

See how to work with us in more detail here.

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Will your glazing lead to solar gain issues in hot climates?

Across all of our products IQ International ensure that our solar control glazing performs to the highest ratings possible. Our glazing has a general UW rating of 1-1.1 W/m2K. This rating ensures that in hotter climates such as our project in St Lucia.

Having great Uw ratings will guarantee comfort for projects with large amounts of glazing.

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How does product delivery work?

Due to the nature of the locations for many of our international projects, product delivery can be very difficult.

The best example of this is our project in Zimbabwe ‘Gota Dam’. Gota Dam is situated on the steep edge of an old dam hidden in rural Zimbabwe. This of course meant that transporting the glazing systems from the airport to the installation site was extremely difficult. With roads falling apart and relentless traffic our skilled installation team managed to transport all systems to the site with no breakages.

No matter where the project is, we can get there!

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Why should we specify European glass instead of American glass?

In Europe, especially in the UK, there has been an increasing demand for high quality glass and glazing systems that achieve extremely low U values. This has pushed European glass manufacturers to meet the demand with new and innovative glazing processes and technologies.  

This also includes glazing such as toughened glass and solar control glazing. The European standard that glass is manufactured to has stricter regulations with higher criteria than that of American glass manufacturing regulations. 

Read more on this in detail here.

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Can we specify hurricane resistant glazing? 

The majority of IQ International glazing can be specified as hurricane resistant glazing by using the right glass specification and glazing solutions with a combination of toughened and laminated glass panes.

The hurricane resistance of our triple glazed sliding doors has been approved by the cyclic wind pressure test in accordance with TAS 203. These doors can stand cyclic wind pressures of up to 3510 Pa.

All EN hurricane resistant glazing testing was carried out at the Rosenheim Institute in Germany with the Hurricane testing being undertaken at the Vinci Technology Centre in 2014.

For more information visit our hurricane resistant glazing page or contact the team who will be happy to answer any questions. 

If you still have any questions for the IQ International team that do not feature in our bespoke glazing FAQ’s, Contact us here.

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