The IQ Team Recently Flew to Monaco to Carry Out a 3D Scan Site Survey

We recently flew our team to Monaco, where we are working on a bespoke glazing package for an exciting luxury home project, to conduct a digital site survey. The 3D scan survey allows us to survey all openings, as well as the surrounding area, to gather all the data we need to start our detailed design process.  

IQ are currently working on the complete refurbishment and redesign of a luxury home in Monaco, designing a bespoke glazing package which includes oversized sliding glass doors and architectural glazing solutions.  

The project manager on the job was present throughout the survey, relying on the scan data alone to manage the project from anywhere in the world. 3D scan surveys are a more reliable way of surveying structural openings, leaving no room for human error thanks to the advanced technologies used to gather the data. The data collected can now be referred back to and used to complete the next steps on the project.   

3d scane site survey for bespoke glazing in Monaco
scan site survey for specialist glazing in Monaco

The 3D Site Scan 

Upon arriving in Monaco, it was agreed that IQ would be present on site for just one day. Capturing all the information within one day allowed the team to gather all of the necessary info before flying back to our head offices in the UK and continuing the project timeline from there.  

Dimensions and measurements can be taken from the scan, which can be accessed from anywhere at any time. We agreed floor levels and grid lines with the builders on the project in Monaco, agreeing on these factors as a guide for the builders to work from. IQ are able to extract details and measurements from the raw information and feed this information back to anyone involved in the project that needs it.  

3D scan site survey for bespoke glazing in Monaco

How is 3D Site Scan Survey Data Used?

With all the raw information in one place, the project manager is able to manipulate the data and scan findings to manage the job remotely. The design team can create CAD drawings from the scans and the logistics planning can rely heavily on the data to make arrangements throughout the project timeline. Detailed designs can be created in full from the scan data alone, with accurate sizes and details for manufacturing.  

Where adjustments or adaptations are required the team are able to take new measurements and adjust our drawings at any given point, thanks to the data gathered from the 3D scans. Due to the huge amount of data gathered from the 3D scanning process, we are able to coordinate with other finishes and aspects of the build including flooring to reduce the risk of any co-ordination errors further down the line. IQ are able to share the data at the client’s request, to help with other aspects of the build, such as interior design finishes and furniture choices further down the line.  

What Next? 

IQ are able to conduct 3D scan surveys for any international project where the information would be useful, simply get in touch with us to discuss your project requirements.

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